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Technology integration and synergy Services

In order for your event to be as successful as possible, you need all your technological components to integrate and work together seamlessly, and we can help!

  • Show-calling and stage management to help coordinate your team and/or other vendors
  • Technology partnership development and coordination to ensure an infrastructure on which your event can rely
  • Specialized solutions like Point-Of-Sale support, IPTV, and TV truck integration to cover all your needs 

temporary and/or mobile office solutions

We can outfit your event with industry-leading office solutions to support your event from the first day of planning until the final day of load-out. 

  • VOIP services—including single & multi-line handsets, conference phones, dedicated lines, and extension dialing
  • Printers, scanners, and MFPs
  • Scan-to-Email and Email-to-Print solutions
  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • Computers, tablets, and more

additional connectivity services

Sometimes your event needs more than internet and WiFi. We offer the following options to ensure all your connectivity needs are met.

  • Satellite services (TV and internet)
  • Load balancing and bandwidth management to maximize your operational efficiency
  • RF and Network coordination to ensure staff, attendees, and media are able to work or participate without interruptions or drops in their service